Are you ready to break up with sugar, ditch the cravings and feel great? 

Take The Challenge and get the nutrition approach that  actually breaks sugar cravings and keeps you full and satisfied.

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Do you have the sugar blues? Are you stuck in its tricky, sticky grip?

Ready to kick sugar to the curb and feel great in 3 days?

Hi I’m Michelle MacLean wellness coach and nutrition consultant.

I’ve dedicated my health coaching practice to figuring out natural solutions to breaking free from sugar through diet and lifestyle. 

I created The Blood Sugar Shift online group coaching program, and  
this 3-Day No Sugar Challenge, gives you a taste of my proven
health transformation process.

In three short days you'll start to break the nasty sugar cycle and be on your way toward a life of balanced blood sugars, vitality and wellbeing.

The FREE 3-Day No Sugar Challenge includes:

Exact steps to prepare for
The Challenge

Planning and preparing are the keys to success. I'll walk you through the steps it takes to get set up and ready to go.

Essential tips for ditching sugar & carbs with ease

Going low carb is the most effective way to balance your blood sugars. Follow my 7 tips to successfully ditch the carbs.

Three days of
meal plans 
and 11 recipes

No bland, boring meals here. The full 3-day menu plan includes 11 delicious, easy to make recipes and snacks. 

Plus, that's not all - inside the guidebook, you'll also receive tips on dealing with detox symptoms that sometimes occur during the first few days of minimizing sugar.

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